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Twin Arc Wire Coating
The Twin Arc wire process uses two metallic wires. The two wires are electrically charged with opposing polarity and are fed into the arc gun at matched, controlled speeds. When the wires are brought together at the contact point, the opposing charges on the wires create enough heat to continuously melt the tips of the wires. Compressed air is used to atomize the now molten material and accelerate it onto the substrate to form the coating.
Applies a range of metallic alloys and pure metals for dimensional restoration, corrosion resistance and other application solutions.
Systems are compact and self-contained.
No heat affected zone or component distortion.
Excellent portability for on-site coating.
Produces coatings that are easily ground or machined.
Masking of areas that should not be coated is easy.
Coating of some internal bores is possible.
High spray rates.
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